What I did

“the Creator”

I created a PowerPoint of my experience that you can reach at this link :

  • Were you successful in your solution? Why or why not? “I believe that i was successful in my solution and I really hope that my music could actually help someone.”
  • What are you most proud of? “I think what I am most proud of is my song I worked really hard on it.”
  • What would you do differently if you did this project again?“I think what I would do differently is probably be so much more prepared.”

Almost there?

“The people I surround myself with have hearts filled with gold”-Melanie Martinez

This has been a pretty great week for once I feel truly happy even after all the stuff I’ve been through haha. My emotions have been truly on a roller-coaster you wouldn’t believe it. It’s honestly insane. But lately I’ve been surrounding myself with people that support me and actually care. I can say i finished my song “happy little Accident,” in the future i do hope to still edit it and probably remaster it but for what it is i’m happy with it. Music lately has been such a big part for me and just kept me going, I’ve coped a lot through music especially the song “Yesterday” by The Beatles, that has been on repeat haha. I love my band “The Shady Village” they are the best bunch of losers you could me and I couldn’t ask for any better group. I’m so excited because we have a performance coming up on May 3rd and another in the summer at Kemah Boardwalk! This has been a really fun project. And I learned a lot. When it really comes to mental health it’s really that you need to live life for yourself. We’re all gonna get sad,mad,disappointed etc… the list can go on. I thought i could just get the awareness out there through information which yeah that’s one way to do it but the thing is you have to experience it. I experienced it all. and I realized we all go through it and we can connect through one another through it. The people i surround myself with they took time to understand me and i did for them it’s like situations are different but we’re the same. To aware others of something like mental health you have to aware yourself, learn about you and where your mindset is, because you never know someone could either relate or we considerate of you and your health. It’s just another member right? My band we tend to call our “fans” our “neighbors” because we bring in anyone no matter the background we want people to connect through our music and connect with us.

“the shady village practice session”

Why Am I Sad?

“life is not Black and White”

We ask that question a lot to ourselves. I have as well. We all have emotions that we question about predominantly in the spectrum of sadness. It’s like when we feel sad our bodies don’t understand how to react to the sudden feeling.

Lately I’ve been making more research on the why to get a answer. I learned that there is so many reasons we can get sad that we didn’t expect. I learned that it is truly a spectrum. Sadness/Depression is can be caused by things like: Genetics, Poor diet,
Electric signal pathologies in the brain, Medication, Hormones, and Seasons. Of course it can be because of really difficult situations, it can be caused by anything. The thing is that sadness is a normal feeling we all get and we need to learn to help each other through it.

Research Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/neuroscience-in-everyday-life/201801/20-shades-sadness-why-do-we-get-depressed

After What I’ve Learned it really gave me more inspiration to my song called “Happy Little Accident” Like I’ve mentioned before it was based from Bob Ross and his famous quote. It help me realized life is not black and white that there is so much to it then we think. It Help me come up with more lyrics and how it’s okay to feel, because everyone feels.

( If you would like more into the world of someones mind and why feel those ways check this video I thought was helpful:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyxCjnHqBq8 )


Marbled Skin


“She’s Spotted”

  So far the progress i’ve made into my project is i tried to understand people from their point of view and tried to be unbiased. I’ve been observant on the behaviors of others and jotted them down. I noticed and realized how people  think and how it truly differs to the person. I realized there is something that bothers all of us that mental health is this big spectrum and that we all land on that spectrum some how. The first plan that I had made was to make my stable plan and some research. I recently have been having a hard time with my mental health and it made me think..why does this happen to us? Why does our mind react the way it does when things hurt us?why do things get to the best of us?

I realized that myself had let myself to get in such a vulnerable state of mind  and i didn’t understand why.

    I realized and learned how even though it doesn’t “matter” it truly does your mind is such a sacred place that needs as much care as we put into things like: looks, work, and other people before us. Like i’ve stated before it should be your mind over matter, your mind comes before worrying about anything else. Over these days I was so worried on everyone else when i wasn’t worried about myself. How am I supposed to bring the awareness of mental health to others if i couldn’t sit there and be aware of my own. So what i did was worrying about myself for once I came forward on what was causing my issues first: it was my body dysmorphia i know i will never be comfortable in my body but i tried to at least make it better. I started by trying to accept my flaws how i have weird freckles on my face and that i have vitiligo. I’m a songwriter and singer and it really help me through this all. I didn’t really know what i truly wanted to do in this project as there’s so much i could do this is when i thought about a unfinished song i made called “happy little accident” it was based on Bob Ross’s quote “there’s no such things as mistakes, only happy little accidents.” This got me thinking more that we all through stuff and we all take it differently. I made the song to show that life and us as people in general are all “happy little accidents” that we should accept the way we are accept one another because we don’t know really know what each of us go through. This taught me to in order to make this project be it’s best is for once look at myself in the mirror for once see what can i do to help me in order to help others. This made me more motivated on researching gaining way more knowledge on mental health. I want answers. I will get them. I want to accomplish this.

 I believed i feel more motivated on this project then i did before.I’ve opened my mind to a new perspective of the world, and how this world works. We all have something that affects us, and i want to be that someone to be there for you understand you and help others understand you.    


Mind Over Matter

Mental health is a continuum, and people may fall anywhere on the spectrum
-Amy Morin
(a psychotherapist)

Into the Mind of the World

What makes a criminal? What makes someone done with life? No one wakes up thinking “oh i want to commit a crime” or “I think I should end it today.” People don’t realize the consequences that can be caused by their actions but do we ever think why people do the things they do and why the victim reacts in such. I will be taking a deeper insight of the mind of people and why people think in those problematic way. I want to prove the importance of why being aware of someone’s mental health.